Spring Time

How should i start with spring time. It is a nice time the flowers come out we could go to the beach ur aunts house get in the pool lots of stuff. It is a nice time to play baseball and basketball. I like the spring…

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Who Is Anne frank???

Who was Anne Frank? Anne Frank was a German-Jewish teen. She was forced into hiding during the Holocaust. Anne and her family, and four other people, were forced to spent 25 months during World War Two, in an annex of rooms above her fathers office in Amsterdam. After, Anne, her family, and the others living with them were betraed to the Nazis. They got arrested and deported to Nazi concentration camps. Nine months after being arrested Anne Frank died on March pf 1945 at age 13. She died of typhus at Bergen-Bellen.

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How to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich

This is how I make a Peanut butter and jelly sandwich first you take out the the butternife, then you take out the bread, After you get the jelly and the peanut butter, At last you put the peanut butter on the bread then you put the jelly finally you get out the mikl and eat it. Thats how I make my peanut butter and jelly sandwich

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My 8th Grade Year

Hi everyone my name Is Manuel Gomez. I attend San Fernando Middle School. My three Years here at this school have gone good I got nice teachers and cool friends. San Fernando Middle School has taut me good thing. I heard of http://www.wordpress.com cause of a cool  teacher Mr.Hill and thats all i got for know peace.

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Hello world!

Wellcome this is my wordpress.

Hello my name Is Manuel Gomez and I made this blog with my coolest teacher Mr.Hill. So that all i got right know bye.

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